Culverts half full

'Low' Launch?

Gully is a bit deep

West Launch

East Launch

East Launch

I moved an exploded
bale to a gully

Mud Build-up

East Launch Panorama

House & Launches


I hiked up the new 'Via Testes' road up the bluffs to the new launches above Andy Jackson Airpark this afternoon for a look-see, between storms. The volunteers did a good job with erosion control measures. It was sprinkling as I hiked down, then raining lightly.

Info about 'The Big O Loop' project, spearheaded by John Wright and Owen Morse:



12/23/2010 - After 6 Days of Rain

5/25/2010 - Harrier barely fits on the Ranger

5/15/2010 - HG Flight from the 350

2/11/2010 - Pics from Above the Airpark